Weekend Data Migration: Unexpected Email Alerts

Over the weekend, we performed a data migration for a new storage system. During this process, some tickets were inadvertently updated, triggering time-based notifications such as rating reminders for older tickets. This resulted in a flood of emails being sent to customers with unresolved or unrated tickets.

Our team is currently working on a solution to prevent this from occurring in the future and we will update this post as we progress.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you


Unfortunately we were not warned, we have many clients we serve. At this time we will apologize for the inconvenience but I would ask that if you make any changes you inform us so we can be prepared.
Claudia Aliaga

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The thing is that our work was on a storage system and an unexpected side effect happened. And yes we need to do a better job at informing you guys.

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