Upcoming help center & knowledge base design automatic upgrade

A long while ago Mojo Helpdesk was created to be more flexible and look way more modern to customize the look and feel of the help center.

You may need to take action.

If your help desk looks like the one below, it uses the upgraded system therefore you have nothing to do and can stop reading this post.

If your help center / knowledge base looks like the one below, then your help desk is using the deprecated system. It will be upgraded automatically to the new look on March 11th 2024.

However, Mojo Helpdesk administrators can upgrade at any time before the above date and customize the look and feel to match their branding. Again, failing to do so will trigger the automatic upgrade on said date.

How to upgrade?

  1. Login to Mojo as an administrator of your help desk.
  2. Click on try the new mojo experience link

  1. Navigate to ⚙️Admin > Help center & Knowledge base > design

  1. Click on upgrade design

How to customize the design?

Click on pick a theme or customize to make changes to fit your branding.

Need Assistance?

Add a message on this forum.

We hope you like the improvements.