Upcoming chat feature specifications

This document lists the chat features we are considering. The label [IN PROGRESS] means that this feature is in active development.

Priority 1 features

Priority features will be delivered first. This is the minimal feature set. Customer feedback is welcome.

  1. [IN PROGRESS] Real-time messaging

  2. Customers need to be able to send messages and get replies in real time.

  3. [IN PROGRESS] Chat history and transcripts

  4. Feature to maintain and provide access to past chat histories. This helps in continuity of service and understanding customer context.

  5. [IN PROGRESS] Multi-channel support

  6. The software should allow integration with channels like websites, and mobile phones. This ensures customers can reach out from wherever is most convenient for them.

  7. Chat team & agent enrolment

  8. Ability for agents to be part of the chat team. This can follow business hours cycles

  9. Ability to agent to pick a calling chat, hang up or leave a conversation

  10. Ability for chat team to be notified of calling chat by visual and audible cue

  11. [IN PROGRESS] Mobile-friendly:

  12. Many customers prefer to use their mobile devices to access customer service. Hence, the software should work well on mobile platforms.

  13. Real-time analytics

  14. Providing real-time metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, agent performance, chat volumes, response time, etc. can help in improving the service.

  15. [IN PROGRESS] Security and privacy

  16. The software should ensure that all communications are secure, and that customer data is stored and handled in compliance with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

Priority 2 features

In no particular order. Customer feedback is welcome.

  1. Extended multi-channel support

  2. Ability to connect to social media

  3. File Sharing

  4. Ability to exchange files (like screenshots, documents, etc.)

  5. Automated routing

  6. Chat can be routed to specifics agents team based on customer needs

Priority 3 features

These features will come after the priority 2 features.

  1. Automated Chatbots

  2. Chatbots can help in providing instant, automated responses to basic customer queries, thus reducing the load on human agents.

  3. Sentiment Analysis

  4. Some advanced chat software can analyze the tone of a customer’s messages and alert the agent if the customer seems upset or frustrated.


I hope that you plan to offer the ability for a tenant to disable chat entirely for their domain. We are entirely an internal facing IT support org and have existing chat solutions in place that follow our data loss prevention and data retention requirements.

Other than that, this looks awesome and I would definitely be interested in it if our company were different.

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Yes, the chat feature an optional add-on. It will be off by default.

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The chat feature is now in beta. We are looking for volunteers to help testing it.