October 2023 release

The October releases include the following:

New Features

  • Added Halloween theme
  • Added discard/approve buttons in guest request modal
  • Auto-link to a ticket the texts that starts with mojo# (or ticket#) and followed by any number
  • Added a bounce email for the case of closed account
  • Added ability to reset solution views


  • Increased the asset description character limit to 65000
  • Instead of removing the commas from a generated CSV, surround all fields with double quotes (better compliance to the CSV standards)
  • Comment & staff note attachments are now added to the email notifications
  • Replaced the comment that ticket is created on behalf of somebody, to a staff note, so the name of the agent is hidden for the end user
  • Removed the timezone from the comments & staff notes timestamps
  • Changed the guest requests ordering to disposition ascending and updated on descending
  • Added shadow behind theme images when picking a new theme
  • Changed the existing user error message to show also the user role

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a special case in trigger conditions when checking dates in past/next 0 days
  • Fixed a broken time spent report caused by a comma in the names
  • Fixed broken email previews
  • Fixed broken links in sla and business hours
  • Fixed the size of H1 and H2 elements in rendering of the KB articles
  • Fixed the redirection from old UI ticket form to new ticket form from the new user portal UI
  • Fixed issue with custom fields conditions
  • Fixed account site address cannot contain spaces between
  • Fixed show wizard after starting a trial
  • Fixed a case where the owner will not receive assignment email notification
  • Fixed various emails with double templates
  • Fixed add on emails layout
  • Fixed a case when on the watched tickets screen, the default ‘all tickets’ search is highlighted
  • Fixed a bug that would reset the confirmation date when email has changed some of the letters case


  • Fixed name injection vulnerability