November changes


  • Upgraded the WYSIWYG editor to the latest stable version
  • Updated the content of the emails sent to ticket watchers
  • Updated the trial email experience
  • User import is now done in a background job, and results are sent in an email

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a case when mojo bot was not loaded for editing when the user in some action has been deleted
  • Fixed issue with message list refreshing after adding a message
  • Fixed a case of invalid email validation
  • Fixed a case of wrong type for remember me parameter
  • Made sure all assignments of deleted agent are re-indexed
  • Fixed event log search entry type flickering
  • Fixed an empty group event log
  • Fixed timezone issue when displaying messages times on the user portal
  • Fixed a case of trigger condition checking ticket description which is html
  • Fixed an issue with search links that are not pointing to the first page of results