🚀 Mojo Helpdesk Update: Streamlined Experience and Enhanced Features (Version 1.14.87)

January 15, 2024: Focusing on Efficiency and Clarity

Welcome to the latest update of Mojo Helpdesk. In version 1.14.87, we’ve focused on refining user experience and enhancing functionality. Here’s what’s new and improved:

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Unassigned Ticket Handling: We’ve fixed an issue where unassigned tickets were being requested twice each time you visited the unassigned tickets page. This optimization ensures smoother navigation and reduced redundancy.

  • Improved Text Rendering in Descriptions and Comments: We’ve corrected a problem where HTML content in article descriptions, ticket descriptions, and comment bodies wasn’t displaying correctly. Now, these texts will appear as intended, providing clearer and more readable information.

  • Interface Update for Knowledge Base (KB) Feature: For accounts that don’t have a Knowledge Base (KB) and those whose plans don’t support the staff KB, we’ve removed the unnecessary checker icon from the header for a cleaner look.

  • My Ticket User Experience Update: We’ve renamed the “Reply” function to “Add Message” in the My Ticket section, making it more intuitive for users to understand its purpose.

  • Upgraded User Interface Dependencies: We’ve updated our UI dependencies to ensure you have the smoothest, most secure experience possible.

New Features

  • Added Rate Limits for UI and API Requests: To ensure optimal performance and security, we’ve implemented rate limits for requests made through the user interface and API.