Mojo helpdesk Android App Work Profile

Hello everyone, I was attempting to use the mojo helpdesk app on our Android side for our end users on Android device policy (work profile) & when you download the app & attempt to load the helpdesk side it asks for the mojo helpdesk link. Then it doesn’t stay, after closing the app it just goes back to square one & asks for the mojo helpdesk website/link again it’s quite annoying, especially for end users & been telling them to just use the web browser application.

Works fine for all of us admins, just seems to fail on the regular end user side.


Thanks for pointing that out.

The dev team is on it.

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Hi Tyler,

The mobile app was intended to be used only by agents, not regular users.

Now we are looking for a way to allow it for regular users as well. Will update you when we implement a solution.

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