March 2024 update

Welcome to the March 2024 update of our software. We have some new features, and also big optimizations.


  • Ticket rating comment: users now can add a comment when rating their tickets
  • New Android app: new helpdesk launcher

Fixes and Optimizations

  • Background jobs: identified a bottleneck caused by certain indexing jobs, and implemented a separated system for them, which increased the overall responsiveness of the web and email services
  • Data caching: identified a bottleneck in the usage of agents list cache data, and implemented an optimization for it, which significantly decreased the response times
  • Various UI tweaks and fixes

Preview features

Ticket rating comment

Users now can add a text feedback when rating a ticket:

Screenshot from 2024-03-15 12-27-27

The rating and the optional comment will be visible in the ticket screen:

as well as in the ticket list:


New Android app

The Android app has now a new launcher page, where an agent can add multiple helpdesks: