January 2024 (1.14.92)

Welcome to the January 2024 release of our software (1.14.92). In this release, we have introduced several new features and improvements to enhance user experience and system functionality.


  • Edit messages: Now edit comments and staff notes directly on tickets.
  • Easy theme upgrade: Switch to our new knowledge base design with just a click using the new button.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Search function enhanced: Fixed a glitch for smoother navigation between ‘next’ and ‘previous’ search results.
  • System stability boosted: Updated various system dependencies for improved performance and stability.

Preview features

Edit messages

Agents can directly edit comments and staff notes on tickets. This feature aims to improve the accuracy of information and ease of communication within the ticketing system. It facilitates quick corrections and updates to comments and notes, enhancing the overall efficiency of ticket management.

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