HTML hero/header customizations for both Knowledge Base Portals

I would like to see better customization options (basic HTML use, change text color, etc.) for both the front end and staff knowledge base. If this is the wrong section in the forum for feature requests, please delete it.

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Hoping to get some traction on this topic. I have been asking for the Mojo Support Team the same thing for over two years now and the only replies have been … “Thanks for the feedback. Please tell us your idea. It is really helpful for the development team if you illustrate the idea with a real world example.”

To which I replied with a novel length email asking about using the “code” element in their menu options to change font colors, resizing images, etc. The next reply I get is: “Thank you for reaching out to us. We have received your request and a member of our staff will reach out to you. For your records, below is a copy of your ticket.”

Followed a few days later with: “To improve our service, we would like to know how we did. Please let us know by giving us a rating on the ticket:”

But know follow up or answers.

I don’t think they would appreciate an honest answer. I was raised with the phrase “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing”.


It is the perfect section to talk about a feature or request a feature. I am glad you opened a new thread!

@Justin_Marsh, we’d like to learn more about this request:

  1. Could you provide more specific details regarding the “front-end customization” you want to achieve?
  2. What do you mean by “basic HTML use”? Are you looking to add an <iframe> tag or run a custom <script>?

A concrete example would be helpful for the development team to better understand your request.

We diligently track every request that comes into our Helpdesk. When it comes to feature requests, we organize them into a backlog and prioritize our actions based on the most significant demand. Our ultimate objective is to satisfy everyone’s needs, as we deeply understand their importance. That is why we have a public Trello board where you can track the progress of many ongoing features.

We’re pleased that a dedicated thread has been created for this topic, as it allows us to gain a precise understanding of both the needs and demands associated with it. Feel free to add any additional details or suggestions, with significant examples, in the comments until there is no ‘etc’ left to be considered.

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Hi Fabien,

We are in our third year of Mojo deployment and overall happy with it providing us with what we need or expect. We are trying to build our knowledge base of solutions and have hit a few stumbling blocks. Granted a lot of it may be our lack of knowledge using all the available features. I am always open to a quick “check this link, article, or documentation” response.
Our general rule of thumb is “If you have to show more than one teacher or staff member how to do something, create a Mojo HelpDesk Solution”.

We currently have three people with access to creating solutions in Mojo, along with ten staff members as Restricted Agents. Four building tech savvy teachers as a point of contact for the staff and teachers, six district and building maintenance persons.

Our IT Director creates most of the Mojo Solutions and as a graphic designer often starts in Mojo and then uses Illustrator to achieve the “look” he wants if the feature is not available or at least obvious in Mojo. His goal is to get the solution created and move on.

I tend to try to use Mojo only to create solutions and look for the “features” or tools within Mojo to accomplish what I want to see. As the main helpdesk tech in the district, I am in or monitoring Mojo all day, everyday and view all helpdesk tickets to makes sure they are be assigned to the correct agent and handled in a timely manner.

The third person is a teaching assistant that is transitioning into a full-time tech assistant, she is learning a lot of new things as she interacts with the building technology chairperson (a tech savvy teacher in each building that can assist other teacher’s with their tech needs). So far she has not worked with Mojo solutions much just yet and usually creates a Google Doc or drawing to share with teachers, that I then try to convert into a Mojo solution.

end of TL;DR

Feature Request:

This comes mostly from the end users. Can we enhance the search feature for finding the appropriate solution?

Currently the only way that I know to enhance the search results is for the creator of the Mojo Solution to add keywords. I am looking for a tool, possibly AI, that can scan a document and build a list of keywords. But that would then require me to go through our list of already created solutions and update each one.

From the IT Director and myself:

Ability to resize images inserted into a Mojo Solution.
Ability to edit or annotate an image with arrows or callouts, etc.
Additional choices for bulleted lists to add emphasis.
Ability to adjust text font, color and background.

There is a menu listed below Insert Code Block, but I have had inconsistent results attempting to use CSS or HTML to color or adjust text or images. This may be my ignorance or understanding of the tool.


Oh that’s nice and should not be too hard to do.

I’ll go even more basic - we have subscribed to a documentation tool recently that we’d like to use to standardize our documentation- it spits out nice illustrated steps in multiple formats, but current we can’t use the iframe’s it spits out for embedding in the Knowledgebase, and current implementation of images in KB articles doesn’t allow for any customization

How about we jump on a zoom call so we can discuss your need and you can show us what is needed?