Hi -A post about Mojo from a non-employee and actual human

Dunno about you all, but my company uses Mojo, so I’ve created this account to be able to share and learn here from all of you. I hope that you’ll create accounts too so that we can bounce ideas and talk easily.

I really like using Mojo’s api. Their v2 and v3 API is easy to use and I love that I can do a lot of my stuff (create tickets, comment, staff notes, solve, etc.) all straight from PowerShell. We’ve even started using the ticket tasks for our employee onboarding (dynamic tasks, based on what steps are expected and actually completed).


Ooh, I like the script integration. Would love to do this - have any examples you’re able to share over? :slight_smile:


Oh yes, please share the Powershell integration if not too confidential.

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Ok, I can definitely release my stuff! I guess I should make it into a proper module. I’ll start doing some thinking on how I’d like to release it.