🚀 December 2023 Mojo Helpdesk update (version 1.14.75)

Update 1.14.75: Addressing Key User Issues

Welcome to the December 2023 release of our software. This update brings a host of enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving your experience and productivity. We’ve focused on refining existing features, streamlining user interfaces, and squashing bugs to ensure a smoother, more efficient workflow. Here are some of the key updates and fixes in this version:

Enhancements and Updates:

  • Improved ticket information and updated the format of rating emails.
  • Enhanced the manage subscription link to prevent underlining spaces.
  • Added functionality to handle dates more effectively in various scenarios.
  • Improved links by automatically adding protocols to custom site domains.
  • Updated the ticket form to ensure consistent switching of description default values.
  • Cleaned up and optimized graphical assets for better performance.
  • Upgraded system dependencies for enhanced stability and performance.
  • Enhanced bulk actions with the ability to select canned responses.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where users not logged in saw unnecessary messages.
  • Fixed SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculation issues, ensuring accuracy even with trigger-based ticket changes.
  • Addressed instances where errors prevented user account loading.
  • Corrected problems with due and scheduled dates in tickets.
  • Eliminated display errors with holiday dates.
  • Addressed an issue causing the due date to incorrectly move to the next day.
  • Updated ticket export links for better user experience.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring ownership to the same user during deletion was allowed.
  • Corrected a problem where rating email notifications were sent to the wrong recipient.
  • Resolved issues with dropdown ticket form fields, including the removal of extra spaces and the proper handling of values.
  • Improved error handling in user methods to prevent unnecessary errors.