April 2024 update

Welcome to the April release of our software. In this release, we have introduced some new features and improvements to enhance user experience and system functionality.


  • New iOS app: new helpdesk launcher
  • Paginate ticket messages loading: Load replies and staff notes as you scroll.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Notification icon update: The rating notification icon has been updated from a megaphone to a star

  • New user portal group search function enhanced: Fixed a glitch to get better results.

  • The due date selection: The due date for ticket tasks can now be correctly selected and applied.

  • Hide data when necessary: disabled custom fields on ticket forms are hidden from the ticket page view.

  • Merge with several tickets: When multiple tickets are merged into one, the message will be added to all tickets involved in the merge.

  • Reset initial search page: Saved searches reset to page 1, ensuring users start from the beginning for each new search.

  • Delaying email notifications: Email notifications for comments and staff notes are now delayed by 60 seconds.

  • Improving navigation and access: The display limit for staff and contact lists has been increased to 50 users per page.

  • System stability boosted: Updated various system dependencies, removed duplicated simultaneous calls, and added multiple indexes to boost system performance.

Preview features

New iOS app

The new Mojo Helpdesk application is now available on the Apple Store.

Paginate ticket messages loading

The “Paginate ticket messages loading” feature improves loading speed by dividing ticket messages into pages.